Joaquim Ferrer, creating a perfect shoe and handbag synergy

Behind the Joaquim Ferrer brand name is a family business that traces its roots to a young and talented pret-a-porter designer Joaquim Ferrer based in Barcelona in the early 1970s.

Joaquim Ferrer - Galena prizes 1976
Galena prizes 1976

Catering to the Spanish and international public, his collections had great success and won several Galena prizes awarded by the specialized fashion press and Radio Televisión Española together with other highly prestigious Spanish designers such as Manuel Pertegaz and Loewe.

Joaquim Ferrer - Galena prizes 1979
Galena prizes 1979

Joaquim Ferrer collection of women complements and accessories

Joaquim Ferrer - Backstage

Sense of glamour and the creation of one-off designs for catwalks, fashion shows and television made it necessary to design his own collection of women complements and accessories for presentations.

Over the years, the company has diversified into women complements successfully combining style, techniques and concepts of dress design with a meticulous study of artisanship and later had adopted a strategy of concentrating exclusively on women shoes and handbags.

Materials and colors

For his sleek top-end designs the brand uses exquisite materials, the finest leather with exotic prints and ultra rich texture often specially designed in workshops in Florence.

One of the brand´s most characteristic features is its singular materials combination and co-ordination meant to enrich their natural texture and beauty and striking color shades mixing.

The brand has found a perfect balance between fashion trends and functionality of its designs and always aims to combine sense of glamour, versatility and comfort. The result is shoes and handbags created for glamorous, confident and active women to help to express their uniqueness and sense of style. And importantly most of the handbags and shoes can be perfectly coordinated with each other to complete the look.

Joaquim Ferrer
Joaquim Ferrer